Pasco Police Arrest 8 in Drug Investigation

Posted By Metro Law Firm || 22-Oct-2015

NBC Right Now reported today on a major arrest carried out by the Pasco Police Street Crimes Unit. A total of eight people were taken into custody this morning during an investigation in which a search warrant was carried out at a house on 25th Avenue. The police had received complaints about drug-related activity in the area, and the search discovered drug paraphernalia including needles, baggies and controlled substances such as meth and heroin.

When arrested under circumstances such as this, a person might assume that there is little or no hope of avoiding a criminal conviction and penalties including imprisonment and fines. There are however several issues that a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to raise and which could make it possible to pursue a reduction or dismissal of the charges:

Fourth Amendment Rights

Under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, it is illegal to issue a warrant for search of person or property unless there is probable cause for a warrant. While the news report mentions that there were complains of drug activity, it is not yet clear how specific these complains were in describing the specific property or the persons involved in the alleged activity. Careful investigation of the complaints, police records and other factors could support a motion to dismiss the charges based on a Constitutional violation.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Any one of the eight people arrested this morning might have grounds to contest the charges based on a defense that he or she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even if the search warrant was valid and there was criminal activity occurring at the house, one or more of the suspects may actually have just been visiting or otherwise not involved in anything that would constitute breaking the law.

Sloppy Investigative Work

Law enforcement officers are well trained to carry out careful investigation of crime scenes, but mistakes do happen. A criminal defense attorney may be able to demonstrate that errors in the handling or evaluation of evidence could have led to wrong conclusions or might even have corrupted the evidence in such a way as to undermine the basis for prosecuting the case and supporting the charges.

Drug Court in Benton and Franklin County

As outlined above, there are several different approaches to fighting criminal charges, even if you seem to have been “caught red handed.” In some cases, of course, a conviction is inevitable, but this doesn’t mean you have to go to prison. Washington’s drug laws have evolved over the years to make some allowance for the fact that not everyone arrested for a drug crime is a criminal. It is often possible to negotiate with the prosecutor and judge for a sentence that includes treatment and rehabilitation, with a focus on recovery rather than punishment. In the Tri-Cities, for example, such cases may end up in the Benton-Franklin Adult Drug Court. Not everyone is eligible for this option, but it is available in many cases.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for possession, manufacture, distribution or any other type of drug crime, contact the Metro Law Firm now. We offer confidential consultations and we are ready to speak with you about the case to determine the best course of action and get started on a plan for defense.

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