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Not all crimes are viewed equally under the eyes of the law. Some are considered more serious than others, or violate laws that have been adopted nationwide. When this is the case, it is known as a federal crime, and the consequences could be dire.

If you have been contacted by someone identifying themselves as a federal investigator, you need to understand that they might be asking you questions not as a witness but as a suspect. Before things get out of your control, contact a federal crimes attorney in Kennewick from Metro Law Firm right away.

You should choose me, Attorney Gary Metro, to be your legal counsel because I have:

  • 25+ years of courtroom experience

  • Tried dozens of cases to verdict

  • Represented Hollywood elites and athletes

Read about a case in which Gary Metro successfully defended his clients against charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, major fraud against the United States and two counts of submission of false claims, related to their supervision of Hanford workers.

Top-Level Defense Against Serious Federal Charges

A federal crime can call for a complicated investigation that goes deep into detail and could involve several entities and agencies. If you want to have a chance at protecting your rights and maintaining your freedoms, you will need to know that you are backed by a professional lawyer who is not afraid of going against some of the biggest oppositions out there. With my help, you can expect an aggressive stance in court and a compassionate, nonjudgmental view as we build your case.

Federal charges that you may be facing include:

  • Bank robbery

  • Child pornography

  • Counterfeiting

  • Firearms offenses

  • Identity theft

  • Mail fraud

  • Money laundering

There is also a variety of violent crimes that may escalate to a federal crime, depending on the situation. For example, assaulting someone of a high political status or on federal property could be considered a federal crime. When facing federal charges, your choice of an attorney can make the difference between conviction and acquittal. Be sure to choose a Tri-Cities professional who can provide the experienced criminal defense representation you need.

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Example of A Federal Criminal Defense Victory

Fraud in Violation of the Racketeering and Organized Crime Act
In United States of America v. Ryan D., the United States charged over a dozen people who worked at the Hanford Nuclear Site with major fraud against the United States government for allegedly conspiring with each other to charge the government for time which was not actually worked. During the course of plea negotiations ten different people entered into guilty pleas. My client, Perry H., refused to enter into any bargain. The government produced over three million pages of documents. A jury trial was held which lasted over four weeks. The jury came back and found Perry H. not guilty on all counts.

Are You Accused of Committing a Federal Drug Crime?

One of the most common offenses that can be considered a federal crime are those related to drug crimes. While it is true that generally larger issues – such as wide scale drug trafficking – attract federal attention, there is nothing to stop the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from getting involved in lesser offenses. This means that you could be challenging the power of the FBI just for selling or possessing an illicit substance, such as several ounces of cocaine. If you have been charged with a federal drug crime, you cannot afford to wait to get legal representation.

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As intimidating as it might seem, it is true that the clock is ticking when it comes to constructing your defense. The longer you wait to start protecting yourself with our skills, the greater the opportunity you are giving the opposition to piece together a case against you. Do not hesitate when it comes to an accusation as serious as a federal crime. Harsh consequences – such as extensive jail time and steep fines – could be used against you if convicted.

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