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Tri-Cities Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, Washington

Fear, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty – these are just some of the emotions that can come with suddenly finding yourself on the “wrong” side of the law. If you were recently arrested or accused of committing a crime, then you are probably feeling overwhelmed about facing the criminal justice system. This is understandable, but you need to know that you don't have to go through this difficult experience alone. There is help available – you can take on this challenge with a powerful legal partner.

I am Attorney Gary Metro, and I have dedicated my career entirely to the defense of the criminally accused in Washington. I have seen so many people go through difficult times just like the ones you are dealing with now, and I am proud to say that I have been able to help them in a variety of ways. In Benton County alone, I have been able to secure numerous positive case results, each aimed at dismissing cases or reducing the charges against my clients.

Time is of the essence when you are facing criminal charges. Call (855) 622-5732 to request a case evaluation with my firm in Richland.

Why You Should Let Me Represent You

Picking and choosing a lawyer is nothing like looking for the right dentist or mechanic. Your livelihood is on the line, after all, and one mistake could spell disaster for your future freedoms and stability. You will need someone who possesses the three cornerstones of a powerful criminal defense attorney: compassion, knowledge, and aggression. You will need someone like me.

I stand apart from other defense law firms in Washington because I have:

More than 25 years of legal and trial experience.
100% focus on criminal defense cases – no distractions.
Defended high profile clients, such as MLB players.

I have no patience for prosecutors that try to use flimsy or exaggerated claims to bring down my clients. I will do all I can to hone in on the weaknesses in their case and dismantle it. When you come to me, you will be working with a Richland criminal defense lawyer who takes on your case as if he were defending himself.

The Many Ways I Can Defend You

Criminal defense is not exactly a narrow field of the law. There are so many rules and regulations in our daily lives, one mistake or misunderstanding could easily land you in handcuffs and legal trouble. When I founded the Metro Law Firm, I knew I wanted to help the people overcome some of life’s greatest obstacles and maintain their wellbeing or innocence.

Just some of the charges I can help you challenge are:

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Kennewick and Pasco

Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco are sometimes referred to as the Tri-Cities of Washington. With my law office’s location adjacent to the Columbia River, I believe Metro Law Firm can provide quick and convenient legal counsel to people all across the region. Do you need representation at the Benton County Courts in Kennewick? Perhaps your hearing is scheduled at the Franklin County Court in Pasco? Wherever you need help in the Tri-Cities, I can be the one to support you.

Do not delay taking action any longer. Let a highly experienced Richland criminal defense lawyer from my firm help you in your time of need. Contact me today to learn your legal options.

What sets Metro Law Firm apart?

We know that criminal matters don't wait until convenient office hours and we therefore do not limit our availability to these times. When you need an attorney, you can't afford to wait--so don't! Give our firm a call and be confident knowing that you will be getting in touch with a firm that is well-known for their aggressive approach.

  • Excellent research and writing skills.
  • Has tried dozens of cases to verdict.
  • a trial lawyer for 25 years

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