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A True Gentleman that Really Cared

My name is R.W., having faced some very serious legal problems this last year with both long term consequences and life time negative implications which would affect every aspect of my life. The amount of attorneys wanting to represent my case ranged from inexperienced to very broad practices of the particular law expertise I needed. Upon meeting Mr. Metro, i knew that I found not just counsel, not just a practitioner of the law, but a true gentleman that really cared about not only me, but about justice, and ensuring his clients were innocent until proven guilty. Gary exemplified these traits. Mr. Metro assured me he would do everything in his power to see that the scales of justice was served. Gary really did work for me not selling out to the " whims " of the prosecution. Never dismissive to me, he met with me several times to find out who I was, my attitude and he relentlessly sought the truth. He kept his promises and was not tied to the prosecution, the judge, nor any other competing interest that would compromise my counsel with him as my attorney. Honest, kind, calming to the court; my case was given an outcome which was unheard of. In short, dismissed once I keep my agreement with the court to keep court-ordered agreements. My case will be removed from my record in less than a year. Mr. Metro does not just go though motions, but is a man respected by both judge and prosecution. I am happy to answer to any off the above truths, and comments. Respectfully, R.W.

Nov 20, 2015

I Was the Most Frightened During This Process, More than I Have Ever Been in My Entire Life, and You Made It as Smooth as You Could.

Gary. I wanted to say thank you for being the professional, sensitive, reliable lawyer you are and have been from day 1 of my case. I was the most frightened during this process, more than I have ever been in my entire life, and you made it as smooth as you could. I will always be grateful, A.S.

Feb 3, 2016

Nobody Will Give You a Better Chance than Gary Metro

I walked into Gary Metro law office desperate and feeling like I was being victimized by the Legal system. I was ignorant of my rights and ignorant of the process. Gary gave me the honest pros and cons of my case. He quoted me a great price for his services and said he'd do his best for me. Gary met with me at least once a week and never missed an appointment. He called me regularly to confirm appointments and in the end he got me a super positive outcome: dismissal of charges. The best move I made was hiring Gary Metro to represent me. All cases are different and there are no guarantees, but nobody will give you a better chance than Gary Metro.

Apr 18, 2016