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Domestic violence involves criminal acts committed by one family or household member against a spouse, former spouse, present or former cohabitant. The state of Washington prosecutes domestic violence charges very heavily. From extensive fines to jail time and the stigma of a violent charge affecting your friendships, family life, and job opportunities for years to come, domestic violence charges must be taken very seriously by the accused man or woman, even if the charges are based on false claims.

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Domestic Violence Case Results

I represent clients facing charges across the spectrum of criminal defense, and have had great success in defending people charged with domestic violence. Some of my most recent domestic violence case results include:

  • People v. Zak J. – Zak was charged with attacking two different people at his home. The State asserted one of the alleged victims was a member of Zak’s family. On the eve of trial, the case was dismissed.

  • People v. Ron W. – Ron was accused of punching his significant other in the eye. The police arrived at his home in force and took him into custody. After several months of negotiations, the People agreed to not prosecute the matter provided Ron W. obeyed all laws. The case is scheduled to be dismissed in its entirety in 2016.

  • People v. Luis J.G. – Luis was charged with hitting his ex-wife. After several months, I was able to convince the prosecutor that the alleged victim was lying to the police so that she could/would have an advantage over Luis J.G. in a custody hearing.

  • People v.____ – A young woman was accused by her live in boyfriend of attacking him with a life. A trial was held. On cross examination the ex-live in boyfriend’s father admitted that he saw nothing of the alleged attack with a knife and the ex-boyfriend on cross exhibited hostility and control. The defendant was found not guilty.

  • City of Pasco v. Lorenzo I. – Assault domestic violence, case dismissed

  • People v. ____ - Continuance for a year, with charges dismissed upon completion of the terms of the agreement

Fighting a Domestic Violence Charge

Domestic violence includes charges such as:

  • Assault

  • Rape

  • Stalking

  • Interfering with a report of domestic violence

  • Aggravated assault

  • Manslaughter or murder

  • Reckless endangerment

  • False imprisonment

Once you have been arrested for a domestic violence charge, a judge will schedule an arraignment proceeding. At the arraignment proceeding, a prosecuting attorney will file formal domestic violence charges. You will then plead guilty or not guilty and the judge will determine the conditions of your release including whether or not a no-contact order must be put in place. Sentencing is the last step in the process. It is incredibly important to retain a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to gather the evidence to support you and begin to develop an action plan to protect your future and even have your charges dismissed.

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