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According to Washington state law, criminal assault is an intentional or attempted act by one person to another intended to injure or scare the victim by hitting, punching, kicking, and/or making other physical contact with a weapon. Even if the assailant doesn't make physical contact, he or she could still face assault charges—and, because assault is considered a violent crime, any accusation could lead to serious consequences. When facing such risks, it is vital that you choose a lawyer who is equipped to represent you.

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Example of An Assault Case Result

Every case is unique and it is not possible to predict an outcome, but when you choose Metro Law Firm you get an attorney with a track record of success in assault cases. For example, we recently handled a case in which the client was charged with assault and felony harassment. The state originally offered a deal with a sentence of nine months in jail, but we were successful in getting the charges reduced to two gross misdemeanors, and the defendant got a sentence of two days in jail. In another recent case, Gary represented a client against charges of assault at a jury trial, with the outcome that he secured a full acquittal.

Charged with Aggravated Assault? I Offer Trial-Tested Defense.

If you are convicted of assault, you could face jail time, a prison sentence, and extensive fines. Don't face a judge alone or with an attorney who won't take the time to listen to you and advocate for you in every way possible. With 25 years of legal experience and a long list of successful cases, my firm is ready to serve you no matter how complicated your case may be.

In the state of Washington, my firm can defend against a range of misdemeanor and felony assault charges, including:

  • Assault with great bodily injury

  • Assault using bodily force

  • Assault on a peace officer

  • Assault with a deadly weapon

After an initial consultation meeting to discuss the circumstances surrounding your arrest, I will get to work right away gathering facts, evidence, and professional support to help your case. I am a fierce advocate in the courtroom and will work tirelessly to ensure that your future and freedom is secure. Whether your charges are significantly lessened or completely dismissed, my firm will skillfully represent you until the most favorable outcome possible is achieved.

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