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When it comes to choosing a lawyer to defend you from criminal charges, it is extremely important that you choose someone who is passionate, highly skilled, and tough. I, Attorney Gary Metro, meet these criteria. As a Richland criminal defense lawyer, I have the resources and legal insight required to help you face the judicial system with confidence. You don't have to confront this stressful situation on your own. I can guide you through the whole process.

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Unlike other law firms, I do not view my clients as simply case numbers. I always keep in mind that every single person I represent is someone in need of my help and guidance. My ultimate goal is to do everything I can to keep the criminal defense process from becoming overwhelming and daunting, starting with your initial case evaluation with me.

I proudly offer my clients the following:

  • 25 years of legal experience

  • Strong courtroom presence from a seasoned trial lawyer

  • Representation from a lawyer who has represented high-profile individuals

In my career, I have had the privilege of representing a wide range of individuals, including major league baseball players and highly successful Hollywood producers. As a Kennewick criminal defense attorney, I am relentless and unwavering when pursuing justice and defending the rights of the men and women I represent. My dedication is consistent, from start to finish. This, I believe, has allowed me to obtain countless successful results over the years. I wish to help you, too.

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As with any criminal case, the sooner you retain legal representation, the higher the probability that you will walk away with the positive result you desire. Don't stall in taking steps to defend your rights and future. I will do everything in my power to shield you from the harsh penalties associated with criminal charges.

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