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Police earn their right to wear the badge and their paychecks by swearing to honorably serve and protect the citizens of their communities, and yet there are stories breaking headlines seemingly every day about police brutality. The only way to set things right again after a police officer has abused their power in a heinous or criminal way is to use the law they have sworn to uphold against them. At Metro Law Firm, our Kennewick police brutality attorney is prepared with more than 25 years of legal experience to not only defend you from criminal accusations in a criminal defense but also seek true justice after you have been mistreated by the police.

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Many Forms of Police Brutality and Abuse

On the surface, the most dangerous form of police brutality is the one that is most often in the headlines: physical violence. Law enforcement officers may use pepper spray on peaceful protestors, forcefully break into a property without necessity, or even discharge their weapons on a suspect who had not been threatening. Police brutality takes on so many more forms than physical violence, however, and may slip under the public eye unless it is brought to their attention through a lawsuit.

Less commonly publicized but no less serious forms of police brutality include:

  • False arrest: Police rely on arrests to detain suspects and gather information. When they cannot find a probable cause to make an arrest or get an order issued by the court, they may go ahead and arrest someone anyway in hopes that they do not know that their rights have been violated.

  • Malicious prosecution: Law enforcement may encourage or otherwise influence state attorney prosecutors to use the criminal justice and prosecution system against the defendant in a way that does not coincide with typical procedures, perhaps to destroy their reputation or lock them away for longer than required.

  • Cruel and unusual punishment: Your civil rights may be violated by the court system, not just police officers, if penalties associated with your conviction are excessive or arguably inhumane.

  • Inadequate medical care: Jail and prison inmates deserve to be treated with utmost respect and care, no matter the allegations they face. Failing to provide them with adequate medical care and attention, or even allow them to access their prescription drugs, could be deemed brutality.

Handcuffs Do Not Remove Your Rights

At Metro Law Firm, we believe that it is important to remind our clients of their rights, and how they never disappear due to arrests, allegations, or charges. Police brutality and abuse from the criminal justice system are civil rights atrocities that must not be left to stand, and must be challenged wherever they crop up. By teaming up with our Kennewick criminal defense lawyer, you stand to bring justice not only to yourself but also to anyone else in Washington who has ever been, or might ever be, the victim of police brutality.

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