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5 Things to Do After an Arrest

Metro Law Firm Sept. 22, 2023

Getting Time on Your Side in A Criminal Case

When you have been arrested, I understand how stressful, overwhelming, and confusing the situation may be for you and your loved ones. My role as an experienced and competent Kennewick criminal defense lawyer is to defend my clients from the moment they have been arrested until their case is wrapped up successfully.

There are five things you can do after you have been arrested to help your defense right away:

  1. Get a lawyer. Ask for an attorney right away in order to get help on your side as soon as possible.

  2. Stay silent. Do not talk to the police or answer any questions except to say that you would like to speak with an attorney first. Explaining your situation to the police may work against you. Until you have a lawyer, don't respond in order to protect yourself.

  3. Look for evidence. Identify witnesses or other evidence to discuss with your criminal defense attorney in order to begin building your case right away. This information will be invaluable as your attorney will gathers evidence to bolster your case.

  4. Cooperate with your lawyer. Everything you tell me as your criminal defense attorney is kept strictly confidential and will never be used against you, so it is vital that you communicate thoroughly and truthfully so we can develop the best plan of action.

  5. Post bail. If applicable, post bail through a bond company.

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For 25 years, I have served as a Richland criminal defense attorney helping clients charged with a wide variety of crimes. Call me as soon as possible after you have been arrested or if you believe are going to be charged with a crime. You can reach me anytime. During this stressful time of your life, you can rely on my criminal defense services to protect you every step of the way. We proudly defend clients in Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, and throughout Benton County, WA.